Once upon a time my child was an enthusiastic hands-on explorer of her surroundings. As she was six, “what, why, how” questions were added about all the things, sometimes very deep questions on our living (!) or narrating stories of her “big” experiences. Sounds like a typical 6-year-old story, isn’t it? 😊

Her all time favourites are storybooks, art and craft, dancing, outdoor play and puzzles. Other favourites keep on changing. This might seem like a typical 6-year-old story again! As a parent, I have resourced many books, craft supplies, re used boxes, bottles, newspapers, rubber bands (you name them).

But my efforts are short, when it comes to puzzles, there are plenty of them but they all look equal! I felt we needed better topics that can easily be connected with and  fueled her curiosity.

What can I do to help?

A thought of creating jigsaw puzzles for children thrilled my mind! I validated my concerns with other parents, and hence a modest effort has been initiated.

Being a school teacher, I feel, we must utilize the power of jigsaw puzzles to enhance critical thinking skills, memory and concentration, better spatial visual reasoning, develop attention to detail, vocabulary, collaboration to name a few.

Also, I have observed that sometimes the child finds the jigsaw puzzle game least rewarding owing to the chosen pictures (doesn’t create excitement to assemble) or no definite hierarchy of complexity.

How can we do it?

It has been observed that majority of children are visual learners. And jigsaw puzzles are powerful tools for such learners to develop cognitive and life skills through the power of puzzle play. They can be used as stepping stones for STEM education.

At Vivid Puzzles, we have chosen age appropriate unique realistic designs for children who are passionate about puzzles. We believe in hierarchy of complexity of jigsaws such that they are interesting as well as  challenging yet doable! And for their adoring parents, they are eco-friendly and child safe, puzzles with different subjects adding learning values.